Functional Features and Operation Manual of Portable Grain Moisture Meter

Functional Features and Operation Manual of Portable Grain Moisture Meter

A portable grain moisture meter is specially used to detect non-metallic granular substances such as grains, vegetable seeds and feeds. The instrument has its weighing system, which can automatically display moisture, bulk density, and temperature.

Portable grain moisture meter features:

1. Auxiliary functions: unit weight conversion display, sample weight display, temperature display, moisture average calculation.
2. Calibration: four-point calibration with no restrictions on varieties (20 common varieties have been pre-calibrated and can be directly measured).
3. Working power supply: alternating and direct current.Dc 6V (no. 5 dry battery four)/special external power adapter.
4.Automatic shutdown without using the instrument in 3 minutes.

Portable grain moisture meter operation manual:

1. It can automatically measure the sample weight and calculate the moisture content ratio value without weighing.
2. Many varieties can be measured, which covers most of the grain quality.
3. It can display the variety number and variety name (the first four letters of English name), which has an intuitive operation.
4. It can automatically turn off the power (about 3 minutes without operation, the power will automatically cut off), more energy saving.
5. Initial water value can be modified (from -9, 9 to 10-9). To eliminate environmental impact and improve measurement accuracy.
6. There is no need to crush the sample and other pre-treatment. Press the measurement key and measure the sample in the container to indicate the moisture value.

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