Brief Introduction of Gloss Meter Manufacturer

Brief Introduction of Gloss Meter Manufacturer

1. Product introduction:

Our gloss meter is designed and manufactured according to ISO2813, ASTMD1455, GB9754 and GB8807 standards. It can be widely used to measure the mirror gloss of paints, coatings, plastics, paper, enamels, ceramics, stone finishes, Aluminium alloys and metals.

2. Product characteristics:

1. It has the advantages of low power consumption, accurate measurement, good stability, easy operation and no need to adjust zero.
2. Using portable and password packaging box, measuring angle can be divided into single angle, double angle and three angles.
3. Streamlined design, concise operation, high cost performance, optional measuring angle
4. General-purpose, no need to adjust zero, data retention, good linearity, password box.

As a gloss meter manufacturer with a long history, our company has been devoting itself to the research and development of gloss meters for many years. We can provide customized and precise gloss meters according to customers' needs.

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