Advantages of our Portable Color Meter

Advantages of our Portable Color Meter

The company's portable color meter is a high-tech product developed with advanced foreign technology, using high-performance imported light sources. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and good stability, and solves all kinds of stray light interference. Humanized display interface, simple operation, widely applicable to the determination of drinking water, surface water, sewage and industrial wastewater. The portable color meter has the advantages of stability, good repeatability, high accuracy, portable design and easy carrying.

Functional characteristics:

1. Portable color meter can detect the Chroma of water quickly, efficiently and accurately.

2. Using imported high brightness and long life light source, the life of light source is up to 100,000 hours.

3. Large-screen LCD Chinese display, all setting, calibration and recording operations are implemented in integrated environment.

4. Memory standard working curve. Users can also calibrate the curve according to their needs.

5. The main engine shell is made of anticorrosive material, which has better anticorrosive property.

6. It has the function of data power-off protection and data storage.

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