Use and Precautions of Glass Thickness Meter

Use and Precautions of Glass Thickness Meter

A glass thickness meter measures the thickness of the glass on one side of the surface, using the principle of laser reflection. With a glass thickness meter, installed glass, insulating glass, curtain wall glass all can be measured.

Measuring operation of the glass thickness meter

When using it, the instrument back tightly stick to the measured glass surface, short press the "Measure/▲" key then the instrument get into the measurement state (LCD backlight out), measurement display results (LCD backlight lit). The automatic mode may have a variety of results, can be short press "Select/ synthesize" key to turn the page to see.

The glass thickness meter matters needing attention

1. Keeping the surface of the tested glass clean is conducive to improving the measurement accuracy.
2. Try to avoid overlapping the test of multiple pieces of glass, which may cause wrong test results.
3.Keeping the detector on the back of the instrument clean. Using a soft cloth stained with alcohol or cotton swab to wipe it.
4. To improve the measurement accuracy, trying to avoid the back of the instrument facing the sunlight.
5. Avoiding laser eyes.
6. To avoid contact with corrosive substances and stay away from high temperature and humidity.
7. When the battery symbol is empty and flashing, please replace the battery in time.
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