Precautions for Use of Ultrasonic Cell Crushing Apparatuses

Precautions for Use of Ultrasonic Cell Crushing Apparatuses

1. Keep in mind that no-load is necessary(it is necessary to insert the ultrasonic horn into the sample before starting the machine.)

2. The water depth of the horn (ultrasonic probe): About 1.5cm. The liquid level should be more than 30mm, and the probe should be in the middle, not against the wall. Ultrasonic wave is a vertical longitudinal wave. It is difficult to form convection when it is inserted too deep, which affects the crushing efficiency.

3. Ultrasonic parameter setting: set the working parameters of the instrument (please refer to the manual or call for consultation for specific settings). For samples (such as bacteria) that are sensitive to temperature requirements, ice bath is generally used outside. The actual temperature must be lower than 25 degrees, and protein and nucleic acid will not denature.

1) Time: the ultrasonic time should not exceed 5 seconds at a time, and the interval time should be greater than or equal to the ultrasonic time to facilitate heat emission. The time setting should be based on the principle of short ultrasonic time and multiple ultrasonic times, which can prolong the life of ultrasonic processor machine and probe.

2) ultrasonic power: it should not be too large, so as to avoid sample splashing or foaming. If it is less than 10ml sample capacity, power should be within 200W, and 2mm ultrasonic probe is selected, and the horn selector switch at the back of the panel should be hit to the corresponding gear. For the sample over 200 ml with capacity power between 300-600W, select a 10 mm ultrasonic probe, and set the horn at the back of the panel to the corresponding gear; (2 mm small probe power is strictly prohibited to exceed 350 W)

3) Container selection: select the beakers according to the number of simple, which is also beneficial to the convection of samples in ultrasound, and it can improve the crushing efficiency. For example, a 20ml beaker is best for processing capacity.

For example, set parameters of 100ml E. coli sample: ultrasound 5 seconds / interval 5 seconds, 70 times (total time is 10 minutes). Power 300W (for reference only)
For a quantity of about 500ml, the power is about 500w-800w

4. If the sample is placed in 1.5ml EP pipe, please make sure to fix the EP pipe properly, so as to prevent no-load caused by liquid level drop after ice bath melting
5. Daily maintenance: scrub the probe with alcohol or use water for ultrasound after using.

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