Portable Water Colorimeter / Color Detector

Portable Water Colorimeter / Color Detector

Xzbelec colorimeter usage overview

It is used to measure the color produced by substances in a dissolved state. The instrument is calibrated using the platinum-cobalt color standard solution specified in the national standard GB5750, and the "degree" is used as the chromaticity measurement unit. It can also be widely used in color measurement of power plants, pure water plants, waterworks, domestic sewage treatment plants, beverage plants, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine industry and pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and other departments.

Colorimeter Features:

1. It adopts streamlined shape design, simple operation and high cost performance.

2. The large-screen LCD digital display is clear, using low drift, high precision circuit system.

3. It has a reliable positioning structure and a high-precision optical path system, and the instrument can work stably for a long time.

4. It has a high intensity long life light source. The user has no worries about replacement. It is stable and maintenance free.

It uses the photoelectric colorimetric principle, platinum-cobalt color standard solution for calibration, direct reading of the chromaticity value.

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