What Is a Desktop Colorimeter

What Is a Desktop Colorimeter

A colorimeter is an instrument for quantitative analysis by comparing the color of the measured solution with that of the standard solution. Benchtop colorimeter is a type of colorimeter, which is an instrument used to measure the color characteristics of materials. The main use of colorimeter is to determine and analyze the color, hue and color value of the measured material. By connecting the desktop colorimeter with the computer, it can improve the colorimeter's ability to analyze and process colors. And various data can be found out from the color storage library of the microcomputer for color matching according to their respective needs. Benchtop colorimeter is very convenient to use, but also greatly saves time.

The main parameters of the benchtop colorimeter
(1)Measuring range: Red0.1~79.9 reverb on units; Yellow0.1~79.9 reverb on units; Blue0.1~49.9 reverb on units; neutral grey N0.1~3.9 Cleburne units
(2)Small value: 0.1 Cleburne unit
(3)Whiteboard diffuse reflection rate: >80%
(4)The instrument cell value: 0.1
(5)High magnification: 1.9X
(6)Colorimetric dish size (mm): 10×20×40 25.4×20×40 133.4×20×407.
(7)Power supply: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1HzToday, consumption: 120 w
(8)Consumption: 120W
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