Portable Colorimeter

Portable Colorimeter

A portable colorimeter for light source and radiated object can measure gloss and Chroma remotely at an open angle of 1 degree. Measure the brightness (brightness) and Chroma of lamps and display devices.

Product introduction

The portable colorimeter adopts the portable design of hand-held type to measure the point of Chroma and luminosity. Our portable colorimeter is not only suitable for measuring the brightness of light, but also suitable for measuring the Chroma of light. This wide range of options can provide corresponding instrumental functions in different situations, from simple tristimulus units to spectroradiometers with spectrophotometric lenses.

Main uses

Portable colorimeter can be used to measure the Chroma and glow of LED, tungsten filament lamp, fluorescent lamp, traffic signal lamp, color TV, video projector and other small light sources. Measure the surface color of wet painted walls or other surfaces that cannot be touched due to complexity or hygiene.

Main characteristics

1. It can be moved and carried as a whole.

2. CS-100A is not only compact but also lightweight. This battery-powered portable device can be carried anywhere that needs to be measured.

3. Measurements can be made without any contact.

4. The single lens reflex design can focus the object in the viewfinder, so that the precise measurement can be made from any remote position within the measurement range.

5. Convert the color of the indicated area to a numerical value.

6. The color of the object seen in the measuring area can be quickly measured without being affected by the external area.

7. Measurable minimal surface

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