Precautions on Using of Colorimeter

Precautions on Using of Colorimeter

The precision colorimeter is widely used in the color management field of plastics, printing, paint, ink, textile, printing and dyeing garments, etc. According to the Lab, Lch principle of CIE color space, the measurement shows the color difference △E and △Lab value of the sample and the sample to be tested. It is suitable for internal and external color evaluation and data management. Then what issues should we pay attention to when using the precision colorimeter?
1. This instrument is a precision measuring instrument. During the measurement, the external environment dramatic changes of the instrument should be avoided. For example, the ambient light flashing should be avoided during the measurement.
2. This instrument is not waterproof and should not be used in high humidity environment or water mist.
3. Keep the instrument clean and tidy. Prevent water, dust and other liquids, powders or solid foreign objects from entering the measuring caliber and inside of the instrument. Avoid impact and collision on the instrument.
4. If the instrument will not be used for a long time, remove the battery.
5. The power adapter other than our company's special one cannot be used, otherwise the instrument may be burnt down.
6. After the instrument is used, the colorimeter and the whiteboard cover should be placed in the instrument box and stored properly.
7. The instrument should be stored in a dry, cool environment to avoid damage to the instrument.
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