Characteristic of Optical Glass Cuvette

Characteristic of Optical Glass Cuvette

Characteristic of optical glass cuvette:
1. Optical glass cuvettes have high mechanical strength, strong adaptability to temperature changes, strong bonding parts, and can withstand several atmospheric pressures.
2. Optical glass cuvette is a very precise optical processing technology. The optical properties of the transparent surface are excellent, and the grouping error is less than 0.3%.
3. High quality quartz glass and optical glass are selected for glass cuvettes to ensure that there are no bubbles and stripes. Quartz cuvettes are more than 80% at 200 nm and glass cuvettes are more than 80% at 340 nm.
4. Optical glass cuvettes are sealed with low melting point glass, which has strong corrosion resistance and can withstand 6 mol/L sodium hydroxide, 6 mol/L hydrochloric acid, anhydrous ethanol, carbon tetrachloride and benzene for 24 hours without degumming and leakage.

Since the transmittance of quartz cuvette ranges from 0.12 to 4.5 microns, there are no absorption peaks in a wide spectrum range. The glass cuvette is only 0.4 - 4 micron and has many ion absorption peaks. Therefore, quartz cuvette is superior to glass cuvette, and the test data are more accurate and reliable.

Quartz cuvette and glass cuvette can be observed by hand or naked eye. Only optical technicians can accurately judge by experience that is "comparing refractive index difference with naked eye". They can observe weak ion absorption phenomenon with naked eye and distinguish quartz cuvette and glass cuvette by experience evaluation. However, for inexperienced personnel, it is very easy to make misjudgments.

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