Cautions for Use of Multi-angle Gloss Meter

Cautions for Use of Multi-angle Gloss Meter

1. When the multi-angle gloss meter is used, the direct light should be avoided, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of measurement.
2. Standard plates with multi-angle gloss meter should be kept clean and should not touch the surface with fingers. If there is a stain on the surface, it will lead to greater instrument error and inaccurate reading. It can be wiped with lens paper and degreased cotton with absolute ethanol. When the battery of this instrument is under 3.6v, the reading begins to decline. When the “←”appears in the lower left corner of the display screen of the instrument, it prompts the operator to charge. Connect the charger to charge until the charging indicator of the instrument changes from red to green. This means that the instrument has been charged, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected. When the environment of multi-angle gloss meter changes (such as temperature, altitude, humidity and other drastic changes), the instrument must be calibrated. To ensure the accuracy of calibration, please use the standard board provided by the factory. Dust on the standard plate will affect the correction effect. Before calibration, please wipe the standard plate working face with a wipe cloth to ensure that the working face is clean. Standard plate belongs to precise optical elements. It should be avoided to expose to light and kept properly. Due to environmental factors, the photometric data of the standard plate will change over time.

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