Introduction to Application of Ultrasonic Cell Crushing Apparatuses

Introduction to Application of Ultrasonic Cell Crushing Apparatuses

The ultrasonic cell crushing apparatus is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses ultrasonic wave to produce cavitation effect in liquid. It can be used to break all kinds of animal and plant cells, virus cells, bacteria and tissues, and also can be used to break and recombine all kinds of inorganic substances. It can also be used to emulsify, separate, homogenize, extract, defoamer, clean and accelerate chemical reaction. Ultrasonic processor has a wide range of uses, as follows:

1. Ultrasonic extraction of biological nano meter (ultrasonic chemical synthesis method)

The cavitation effect of sound wave is the key factor in the chemical reaction of ultrasonic wave. In the process of ultrasonic irradiation, cavitation bubble will form, grow up and collapse in the liquid. When cavitation bubble collapses, a strong pressure pulse will be generated, which will produce many unique properties. For example, a high temperature of up to 5000K and a pressure of more than 200MPa are generated, which is the energy source of ultrasonic chemical synthesis. These energies can be used to synthesize nanoparticles on some special powder surfaces.

2. Ultrasonic pharmaceutical

(1) Dispersion of pharmaceutical substances for injection - phospholipids and cholesterol are mixed in aqueous solution by appropriate method, and then dispersed by ultrasound, thus smaller particles can be obtained for intravenous injection.

(2)Herbal extraction: ultrasonic dispersion is used to destroy plant tissue, accelerate solvent penetration and improve the extraction rate of effective components of Chinese herbal medicine. For example, it takes more than 5 hours for all alkaloids in the bark of cinchona to be infiltrated by general method, and only half an hour for them to be dispersed by ultrasound.

(3)Preparation of suspension - under ultrasonic cavitation and strong agitation, a solid drug is dispersed in an aqueous solution containing a surfactant. It can form about 1um oral or intravenous suspension such as "camptothecin suspension", "liver contrast agent" and "barium sulfate suspension".

(4) Preparation of vaccine: after cells or bacteria are killed by ultrasonic dispersion, the vaccine can be made by appropriate methods.

3. Dispersion of cosmetics by ultrasound

In order to further extract the essence of medicine and particle refinement, save production costs, achieve the dispersion and emulsification effect, make the cosmetics penetrate deeper into the skin layer, so that it be can absorbed well, and give full play to the effect and function of drugs, ultrasonic emulsification is used to achieve very satisfactory results. With ultrasonic dispersion, the particles of wax, paraffin emulsification and make-up water can be dispersed without emulsifier. The particle diameter of paraffin dispersed in water can be less than 1um.

4. Alcohol mellow by ultrasonic wave-aging technology

A bottle of good wine is favored for its mellow, soft and fragrant taste. People often describe the value of wine by the words of aged old wine. A bottle of aged wine in the last century is priced at tens of thousands of yuan, and the meaning of its price lies in the storage of time. The main controlling factor of wine is the formation of acid. It is further esterified and ester is involved in the association of ethanol and water. The newly produced wine contains garrisol, which has a pungent taste. This smell can only be dissolved after a long time. This slow change is called wine mellow.

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