Introduction of Inductive Moisture Meter

Introduction of Inductive Moisture Meter

Introduction of inductive moisture meter China's inductive moisture meter is currently in the second development opportunity since the founding of new China. Due to the development of China's economy, there have been two changes in the Chinese economy: first, industrial upgrading; second, industrial innovation. The selection of raw materials, monitoring of production process, testing of products and operation of industry all require the completion of a portable moisture tachometer. Therefore, electronic measuring instruments shoulder the historical mission of upgrading and independent innovation of other industries.

The electronic measuring instrument has a unique strategic industry, and its development has a very obvious impact on the whole national economy, especially the development of the electronic information industry. Therefore, it is the right choice for the country and enterprises to independently develop the high-end electronic measuring instruments. It is expected that the electronic measuring instrument industry in the next few years, introduces a new single-chip microcomputer, and increases the communication function, and improves the way of measuring water under the strong drive of the synthetic instrument. It will achieve more technical innovation, and actively promote the development of electronic devices, electronic applications, forming a benign interaction. The domestic electronic measuring instrument demand is strong. The market is about 10 billion yuan, with a sales volume of more than 7 million, the growth rate of more than 20%.

Product characteristics of inductive moisture meter
1. The use process is simplified and the operation is more convenient.
2. It only takes a few seconds to measure the 0%- 99% moisture content.
3. Digital display, etc.
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