Principle and Calibration Standard of Light Transmittance Meter

Principle and Calibration Standard of Light Transmittance Meter

The principle of light transmittance meter is to use visible light source to illuminate the measured material. The sensor detects the incident light intensity of the light source and the light intensity after passing through the measured material respectively. The ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity is the transmittance, which is expressed in percentage.

Calibration standard of light transmittance meter: JJF1225-2009 "Standard for Calibration of Transparency Meter for Automobile" stipulates that the transmittance meter must meet the requirements of clear visual function.

Definition of function of photopic vision: The sensitivity of human visual system to light of different wavelengths is different, that is, the function of four wavelengths of the corresponding degree of human eye to light. The International Lighting Commission (CIE) published the standard value of visual function V (lambda) on the basis of experimental data in 1971 and was approved by the International Metrology Commission in 1972.

The company produces a variety of light transmittance meters, which can meet the different needs of customers, such as testing the transmittance of mobile phone lens IR hole and testing the transmittance of glasses.

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