The Function of Portable Colorimeter

The Function of Portable Colorimeter

Portable colorimeter is divided into different models according to different measurement methods and functions. At the same time, the products produced by different manufacturers have different measurement functions and performances. Here we simply analyze and summarize the measurement methods of portable colorimeter.

Accurate measurement
At present, most portable colorimeters in the market adopt d/8 degree (integral sphere) structure, reflective measurement conforms to ASTM, ISO, CIE, DIN and JIS standards. The directional transmission is measured with d/0 structure and the total transmission is measured with d/8 structure. Soft flash xenon avoids Triplet effect. Very short flash time does not heat the sample but minimizes the photosensitive effect. Flash xenon lamp has a long life and can be used for many years in normal use. The portable colorimeter uses a dual optical structure and a diode matrix detector, which can accurately measure the color of samples, even black and high-color samples. In order to ensure the stability and consistency of portable colorimeter, each system has its own standard calibration board for real-time detection, and a special filter is also equipped to determine the accuracy of wavelength accuracy.

Multifunctional measurement
Some high-level portable colorimeters can be used for research and development and quality control. From transparent samples to transparent samples, these portable colorimeters can accurately measure their reflection, transmission, spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance and turbidity. A variety of measurement methods and sample placement devices make it a multi-functional portable colorimeter.

For the above reasons, different color detection instruments are classified into different levels, and the environment and products used are also different according to the measurement function.

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