Notes and Maintenance of Portable Gloss Meter

Notes and Maintenance of Portable Gloss Meter

Points for attention of portable gloss meter

1. This instrument does not need preheating.

2. In order to save electricity, if it is not used for a long time in the measurement process, please turn off the power switch.

3. Every time the power switch is switched on, the steps of "zero calibration" and "calibration" should be carried out.

4. If the battery is not used for a long time, please take it out, because if the battery is not used in electrical appliances for a long time, it will leak due to its internal discharge.
5. This instrument can use nickel-cadmium batteries.

6. When the standard black version is not in use, please put it in the drying cylinder.

7. In use, direct light should be avoided, otherwise the accuracy of measurement will be affected.

Maintenance of portable gloss meter

1. Strong light should be avoided in use.

2. The instrument is equipped with two standard boards. It should be kept clean, not touch the surface with fingers, if there is a stain on the surface, it will lead to greater instrument error and inaccurate reading. If you touch it carelessly, you can wipe it with lens paper or absolute alcohol.

3. Because of its high stability, it is not necessary to calibrate the instrument frequently. It is suggested that the instrument be calibrated again after 2 hours of continuous use.

4. In the process of calibration, if it is found that the rotating calibration knob can not reach the calibration value of the standard class of black glass when it turns to the end, it may be that the optical lens of the instrument is seriously polluted. Wiping the lens with a little absolute alcohol on the lens paper can solve the problem.

The purpose of calibration is to eliminate the influence of the intensity change of the light source and the environment change on the measurement. Calibration is a very important step. If the calibration is not done well, the measurement will be greatly affected. Therefore, in the process of calibration, we must ensure that the gloss meter bottom and calibration plate contact very closely, and we also ensure the processing accuracy of gloss bottom in research and development.

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