Measuring Skills of Portable Colorimeter

Measuring Skills of Portable Colorimeter

When the battery power is less than 30%, the best way to do this is to change or recharge the battery. Portable colorimeter now uses large capacity lithium batteries, which are environmentally friendly and resource-saving. When the batteries are less than 30%, charge them in time. But remember to turn off the machine when charging, which will not only prolong the life of the battery, but also provide a kind of maintenance for the machine itself.

After the product is finished, do not immediately test and instead, place it for 3-4 hours, wait for the product temperature to reach a constant value, then use the portable colorimeter to detect the color difference. 3-4 hours of general product temperature will drop to a constant temperature similar to room temperature, but it does not rule out that some special products are slow or difficult to cool down, which should be based on the actual situation to determine a time to make the product temperature constant, and then try with a portable colorimeter.

Components with complex shapes use average measurement mode, and the accuracy of data collected is higher. Because the surface of complex parts is usually not very flat, portable colorimeter usually has the function of multi-point measuring average value, which is more reliable in the application of complex parts.

Standardization requirements are set for fixed surveyors, measuring position and direction. When the pressure trigger switch of portable colorimeter is used by different people, the trigger pressure is different. It also has some influence on the data, but this factor will not lead to the judgment of the result.

The portable colorimeter should be repaired when its accuracy is not satisfactory. It is recommended to do manual black-and-white board correction at least once a week, or to do black-and-white board correction when inaccurate data of portable color difference meter appear. The portable colorimeter will produce measurement error after using for a period of time.

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