UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

UV-VIS spectrophotometer can be used for basic testing in food hygiene, pharmaceutical analysis, teaching, research and other fields. The instrument has the advantages of high accuracy, good stability and strong durability.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Features:

It has a powerful instrument automatic control system. It can automatically set the wavelength, automatically adjust 0%T, 100%T, T/A error-free conversion and A, T, C direct reading function. It also features highly automated instrument self-diagnostics and calibration recovery to ensure instrument stability and reliability.

The performance of the instrument is excellent. Use advanced microcomputer technology and electronic control system to optimize traditional optical path design and structural design. The detectors, gratings, etc. all use imported parts, which greatly improve the stray light, luminosity precision and stability of the instrument.

It is simple to operate and highly scalable. The function menu has an operation information prompt, and the user's operation is easy. The memory capacity is large, and can store up to 200 standard curves and 500 sets of experimental data. It is optionally equipped with a built-in miniature thermal printer that prints standard curves and test results directly. It uses a dedicated PC counter-control workstation with USB transfer online.

It is fully functional. In addition to photometric measurement, it also supports quantitative analysis, automatically establishes a standard curve, and selects first-order and first-order zero-crossing linear regression methods. The standard curve can be stored for future test calls.

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