Use and Maintenance of Optical Glass Cuvette

Use and Maintenance of Optical Glass Cuvette

1. For example, if the solution in the optical glass cuvette is acid and it is not clean, wash it with weak alkali solution. If the solution is alkali and is not clean, wash it with weak acid solution. If the solution is organic and is not clean, wash it with organic solvent, such as alcohol.

2. The principle of choosing the detergent for optical glass cuvette is that it has good decontamination effect, does not damage the glass cuvette, and does not affect the determination.

3. Chromic acid washing solution is not suitable for washing cuvette. This is because the cuvette with water sometimes heat locally in the washing solution, resulting in the splitting of the glue interface of colorimetric dishes and damage. At the same time, the chrome dishes washed with washing solution are likely to remain trace chromium, which can be absorbed in the ultraviolet region, thus affecting the determination of chromium and other related elements. It is generally advocated to soak in a mixture of nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide (5:1) and then rinse with water.

4. For cuvette which are difficult to be washed by general methods, the following two methods can also be adopted.
A. First, the optical glass cuvette were soaked in sodium carbonate (20g/L) solution containing a small amount of anionic surfactant, then rinsed with water, and then soaked in a mixed solution of hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid (5:1) for half an hour.
B. Wash in the fume hood with a mixture of hydrochloric acid, water and methanol (1:3:4), usually no more than 10 minutes.
C. Optical glass cuvette should not be washed with lye or with hard cloth or brush.

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