Brief introduction of Portable Color Meter

Brief introduction of Portable Color Meter

Product introduction:

Portable color meter is suitable for large, medium and small waterworks, industrial and mining enterprises, domestic or industrial water colorimetric detection, in order to control the color of water to meet the prescribed water quality standards.


The portable color meter replaces the traditional visual colorimetric method with the principle of photoelectron colorimetric detection. It eliminates the artificial errors, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. When the measured water sample is placed in the photoelectric colorimetric pedestal, the instrument will read directly.


1. Microcomputer, touch keyboard, LCD backlight LCD display Chroma value, simple operation.

2. The photoelectric colorimeter calibrated by standard platinum-cobalt colorimetric solution can read the true color directly without reagent.

3. The special automatic control circuit of LED light source made by our company has stable light source. It solves the problem of pre-heating when starting, and it can be used directly without pre-heating.

4. The calibration curve in the whole range is stored in the instrument, which has power-off protection, and the calibration data will not be lost.

5. Advanced technology, in line with the national standard GB/T5750-2006 sanitary standards for drinking water.

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