The Key Factor of Data Deviation of Rotary Viscometer

The Key Factor of Data Deviation of Rotary Viscometer

Rotary viscometer is used to measure the viscous resistance and liquid dynamic viscosity of liquids. It is widely used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, plastic, food, medicine, cosmetics, adhesive products and so on. The factors affecting the rotary viscometer are as follows.

Rotary viscometer rotor cleaning

Pay attention to the cleaning method of the rotor. It can be used for immersion in a suitable organic solvent, not for metal cutting tools and others, because the rotor with severe scratches on the surface will cause deviations in the measurement results.

The depth of the rotor immersed in the liquid and the influence of air bubbles

The digital rotary viscometer has strict requirements. The deep rotor immersed in the liquid must be manually operated according to the requirements (some binocular liquids have strict requirements for test instruments, which must be measured with a measuring cylinder). During this process, the rotor is immersed in the liquid and there is usually foam. After most of the rotor rotates for a period of time, the foam will disappear. Sometimes the foam cannot be eliminated and the rising bubbles are attached to the rotor below. The presence of foam will bring a large deviation to the measurement data, so slowly tilting the rotor is an effective method.

Other issues that should be paid attention to rotary viscometer

1. Some instruments are used to protect the frame. Read the instructions carefully and install according to the regulations, otherwise it will lead to reading deviation.
2. After adjusting the level of most instruments, replace the rotor. The rotor and the adjustment level are concerned about the measurement problem in the process of any time, otherwise it will cause reading deviation or even unreadable.
3. To determine the non-Newtonian fluid that is similar to Newtonian fluid, the speed and time after the rotor rotates should be selected according to the regulations to avoid misunderstanding of the instrument. In short, although the structure of the rotary viscometer is simple and easy to use, if we use it incorrectly, a meter calibration can not get accurate measurement results, which affects the quality of the product.

With the development of science and the improvement of industrial production, it is very important to measure the viscosity of substances. Digital rotational viscometer can be used to measure the viscosity and flow behavior of polymer liquids. Because most polymers are processed and formed under viscous flow conditions, for the determination of polymer viscosity, it is very important to grasp the performance laws of viscous flow state in the polymer production process.

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