UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Using Method

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Using Method

UV spectrophotometer can be widely used in water supply, environmental protection, disease control, atmosphere, third-party testing, chemical, industrial, quality inspection, scientific research institutions and other industries. It is one of the ideal quality testing instruments in the field of analytical testing. It is an essential device in routine laboratory.

The common technical parameters of the UV VIS spectrophotometer include wavelength range, spectral bandwidth, wavelength accuracy, stray light and other indicators, so that users are confused to making choice. In fact, in the quantitative analysis, it is ok as long as the wavelength range meets the standard. The wider wavelength is not only to be used, but also increases the fault factor of the instrument; while there will be some differences when the spectral bandwidth, wavelength accuracy, stray light and other parameters are qualitatively scanned, but there is actually no significant difference in the quantitative analysis process. But automated injection function provides the safety and speed benefits for laboratory personnel.

UV-visible spectrophotometer using methos:

(1) After connecting the line, first check whether each switch is at "OFF", the optical gate is placed at the black point, then plug the power plug into the 220V AC power supply, turn on the power switch and light source switch, and place the light gate on red point.

(2) Take out the cuvette, fill in one of them with the blank solutions, and the other three with solutions to be tested, place them in the positioning box, close the black box cover, wash the cuvette with distilled water before filling in the solution, and wash away and cleanse it with the solution several times, it will be replenished to the volume. If the solution spills over the pool and there is water droplets, hurry to use lens wiping paper to dry it. Hold the frosted glass surface of the cuvette when take it for use.

(3) Adjust the wavelength to the desired wavelength with the wavelength adjuster, and place the blank solution on the optical path and adjust the light quantity regulator so that the alignment point of the galvanometer is aligned with the light transmittance of 100, and pull the lever to make the solution to be tested enters the optical path, and read the light transmittance on the micrometer scale. After the measurement is completed, the optical gate is closed in time, the zero position of the electric meter should be checked, and the selenium photocell is protected.

(4) The UV-visible spectrophotometer should be placed in a clean, dry, and dark room without corrosive gas. After the instrument is used, it should be wiped clean. The switches needs to be closed. The UV-visible spectrophotometer should not be used continuously exceeding 4 hours.
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