Digital Viscometer NDJ-9S

Digital Viscometer NDJ-9S

Digital Viscometer NDJ-9S
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Portable Viscometer With Rotary Viscometer Viscosity Fluidimeter Tester Meter Digital Display NDJ-9S

NDJ-9S is a Digital rotary viscometer which has been upgraded. This viscometer adopts advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing process and micro computer control technology, make the data acquisition correct and the display adopts LCD with blue backlight and high brightness, make the displayed data clear.

NDJ-9S Digital rotary viscometer is used for determining the liquid viscose capacity and the absolute viscosity.

Comparing with other similar products, this instrument has the following features:

High measuring accuracy;
Stable in measured display;
Easy operation and read-out;
Excellent in Anti- interference.

NDJ-9S has been widely used to determine and measure the liquid viscosity in many applications such as grease, painting, pharmacy and adhesives.

Specifications of Digital Viscometer NDJ-9S:



Measurement Range

10 ~ 1x 105 mPa·s

Rotor Types

1#, 2#, 3# and 4# rotors, (You can determine viscosity as low as 0.1mPa·s with 0# rotor.)

Rotor Velocity

6 rpm, 12 rpm, 30 rpm and 60 rpm (automatic)

Measurement Error

(+/-)5%, (Newton Liquid)

Power Supply

220 V ±10%, 50 Hz ±10% (Optional)
110 V ±10%, 60 Hz ±10%

Ambient Temperature

5°C~ 35°C; Relative humidity: ?80%


One year

Package List





NDJ-9S Digital Rotary Viscometer

1 Qt.


Rotor, 1#, 2#, 3# and 4#

1 Qt of each


Power Adapter

1 Set


Protection Bracket

1 Qt.



1 Qt.


Lifting Assembly

1 Set


Operation Manual

1 Qt.



1 Qt.


Quality Certificate

1 Qt.


0# Rotor (Optional)

1 Qt.

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