Rules for the Use of Portable Colorimeter

Rules for the Use of Portable Colorimeter

Portable colorimeter as a precise instrument for measuring color still has certain requirements in use. Grasping these small methods can help us better measure the color change of objects and control the color difference. At the same time, it can help the use of portable colorimeter to measure more accurate color data, and also can extend the service life of portable colorimeter. This is a very useful little knowledge about portable colorimeter. The users of portable colorimeter and people who are going to buy portable colorimeter should pay more attention to it.

Rules for the use of portable colorimeter
Portable colorimeter belongs to precise measuring instrument. When measuring, drastic changes of external environment should be avoided, such as flickering of environmental care, rapid changes of temperature, etc;  When measuring, the portable colorimeter should be kept stable, the measuring mouth should be close to the measured object, and the shaking and displacement should be avoided. The portable colorimeter is not waterproof and cannot be used in high humidity or water;  Keep the portable colorimeter clean and tidy. Avoid water, dust and other liquid, powder or solid foreign bodies entering the measurement caliber. And the instrument interior should avoid the intense impact and collision of portable chromatograph; If the portable colorimeter is not used, the battery should be removed to prevent damage to it. Portable colorimeter should be stored in a dry and cool environment. Users are not allowed to disassemble the portable colorimeter or make any changes without permission. Any unauthorized change may affect the accuracy of the portable colorimeter, or even damage it.

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