UV-9000A UV Spectrophotometer

UV-9000A UV Spectrophotometer

UV-9000A UV Spectrophotometer
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Wide Screen Double Beam Spectrophotometer UV-9000A

UV-9000 series are wide screen double beam spectrophotometer. They adopt double beam long light path design to ensure the stability and accuracy; They are the best choice of high quality spectrophotometers.


  • Light path design: double beam
UV-9000 series’ double light path design can prevent circuit fluctuation and stray light to ensure stability of the instrument.
  • Powerful software functions
Multi functions like spectrum scanning, standard curve, kinetics, multi wavelength scanning,DNA/Protein testing can be operated directly on the pc.
  • Long path light design
UV-9000 series’ unique 520mm long light path design greatly improved resolution and the bandwidth can reach 0.5nm.
  • Multi functions on Spectrophotometer
Multi functions operated directly on the spectrophotometer and display the test results’ curve and data: wavelength scanning, standard curve, kinetics, multi wavelength scanning, DNA/Ptotein test.
  • 16mm optical base
UV-9000 series use a rigid 16mm diecast aluminim base as their optical mount to ensure the stability and reliability.
  • Perfect calibration system
All baseline, wavelength ,dark current can be calibrated automatically to keep good running conditions.
  • 6 inches LCD display
UV-9000 series have a 6 inches LCD display to show results and curves directly on the screen.
  • Data output
UV-9000 series are equipped with USB port to connect with a PC, the softwore comes standard with the instrument.

Technical Specification



Optical System

Double Beam(1200 Lines/mm Grating)

Wavelength Range




Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Photometric Accuracy


Photometric Repeatability


Photometric Range





± 0.001A/h @ 500nm

Baseline Flatness

± 0.001A/h


± 0.001A/h

Stray Light

≤0.05%T @ 220nm,360nm

Data Output Port


Printer Port

Parallel Port


320*240 Dots LCD


D2  Lamp & W  Lamp


Silicon Photodiode

Power Requirements

AC   220V/50Hz or  110V/60Hz





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