Brief Introduction of Gloss Meter

Brief Introduction of Gloss Meter

1. Introduction of products:

This instrument is a precise optical instrument. Please keep and use the instrument properly. It should be avoided to use and store the instrument in humid, strong electromagnetic interference, strong light and dust environment. It is recommended to store instruments in standard laboratory environment (temperature 20 degrees Celsius, 1 standard atmospheric pressure, humidity 50-70% RH). NHG60 is powered by built-in lithium batteries. If the instrument is not used for a long time, please charge it every two weeks to protect the performance of lithium batteries and prolong the life of lithium batteries. The instrument can be used for gloss meter measurement and glossiness data transmission in paint, ink, electroplating, plastic electronics, hardware and other industries.

2. Characteristics of products:

1. This instrument fully considers the use experience, full touch screen operation, easy operation.

2. Super-large screen and high-resolution full-view display with clear interface image.

3. Beautiful appearance and structure design conform to human mechanics perfectly.

4. High hardware configuration, incorporating a number of innovative technologies.

5. Complying with the standard ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, GB/T 1381, GB/T 7706, GB/T 8807.

6. Various functional settings can meet different needs of customers.

7. PC-side quality management software has powerful function expansion.

8. Large storage space.

9. Input gloss data manually to facilitate customer operation.

As a professional gloss meter manufacturer, our company has devoted to innovative development of gloss meter manufacturing technology for many years, providing various types of gloss meters.

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