R100 Mixer

R100 Mixer

R100 Mixer
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Intelligent Mixer R100 Five Gears Adjustable Smart Magnetic Stirrer

Description of R100 Mixer:

A new SUPER series intelligent mixer, the appearance of the fluid, simple operation, easy to use, and powerful.

Features of R100 Mixer:

I. LED display,display speed,mode,time and other parameters. Intelligent chip design,and store and set the rotation speed,switch of three speeds,with timing mixer function.
II. Speed range is five gears adjustable. Rotation of forward,reverse, the pros and cons alternating three mode.
III. Nice appearance.
IV. AC-DC Dually,alarm function of battery low voltage.
V. Can carry around in the wide and field use,as well as used within the incubator.
VI. Configure the poles and bolder,can be used as a mixed type electrode frame.

Technical Parameters of R100 Mixer:

Mixing type electrode frame:
Speed range: Five gears adjustable
Maximum capacity: 5000ml
Face diameter: φ100mm

Other Technical Parameters:

Maximum power current: 150mA
Maximum power: 15W
Electrode clip size: 16mm (2 holes), 13mm (1 holes)
Electrode clip up-down range: 0 - 100mm
Power adapter: DC 12V Power adapter
Dimension: 100*160*48mm
Weight: 600g

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