Application and Functional Features of Portable Colorimeter

Application and Functional Features of Portable Colorimeter

This portable colorimeter uses high-performance import source, with high accuracy and good stability. It solves various miscellaneous light interference. It has a big LCD, displays human interface, simple operation, and has stored/waterproof function. Its main components are imported, widely used in drinking water, surface water, surface water, sewage, and industrial wastewater. It has good stability, repeatability, high precision, portable design, and is easy to carry.

Functions and features of portable colorimeter:

(1) Fast, efficient and accurate detection of watercolor.
(2) Imported high brightness long-life light source. The life of the light source is as long as 100,000 hours.
(3) Large LCD Chinese display. All setting, calibration, and recording operations are implemented in an integrated environment.
(4) It can save 100 standard curves and 5000 measured values (date, time, parameters, detection data).
(5) the standard working curve of the memory in the portable colorimeter and users can also calibrate the curve according to their needs.
(6) The shell of the host adopts corrosion-resistant material, which is better in corrosion resistance.
(7) Data power failure protection function and data storage function.

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