NH300 Portable Colorimeter

NH300 Portable Colorimeter

NH300 Portable Colorimeter
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XZBELEC colorimeter are widely used in plastic, metal, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medical, cosmetic, automotive, toy...industries.

Specifications of NH300 Colorimeter



Display Mode/Color Space

CIE L*a*b *C*H* ; CIE L*a*b

Color Difference Formula

△E*ab, △L*a*b, △E*C*h

Illuminating/viewing geometry

8/d (8°illumination angle/diffuse viewing)

Light Source

LED blue light excitation


Silicon photoelectric diode

Measuring Aperture


Measuring Conditions

Observer: CIE 10° Standard Observer                                 Illuminant: CIE Standard Illuminant D65

Measuring Range

L: 0 to 100


Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.07               (Measurement Conditions: Average of 30 measurements of standard white plate)

Minimum Interval Between Measurement

Approx. 1 sec

Battery Life

Approx. 3000 measurements

Lamp Life

more than 1.6 million times in 5 years


TFT True-color; 2.8 inch@(16:9)


Model B: USB                                                             RS-232: Baud rate 19200bps

Operating Temperature Range

-10℃ to 40℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃ to 50℃

Humidity Range

less than 85% relative humidity, no condensation




205 x 70 x 100 mm

Size of the Packing

435 x 205 x 345mm

Standard Accessories

AC Adapter; Li-ion Battery; Operation Manual; Software CD; USB Cable; White Calibration Cover; Φ8mm Measuring Aperture

Optional Accessories

Mini-printer; Printer Cable

*Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice

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