High Intensity Ultrasonic Processor

High Intensity Ultrasonic Processor

High-intensity ultrasonic processor is mainly used for extracting traditional Chinese medicine, breaking up cells, bacteria and viral tissues; dispersing and homogenizing substance particles, and emulsifying products; accelerating dissolution and accelerating chemical reaction.


1. Automatic resonance point and power control: There is no need to manually adjust energy frequently;

2. 99-hour process control timer: control the total working time; suspend the current task in real time from 1 second to 99 hours;

3. The working hours show that they are in a cumulative state;

4. On/off pulse timer: Ensure that the temperature sensitive samples are treated with high intensity, and the turn-on and turn-off cycles can be set from 1 second to 99 minutes;

5. Automatic amplitude compensation: Ensure that the probe amplitude does not change with the change of load during the ultrasonic process;

6. Easy to operate: menu operation, type directly.

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