What is the Connection and Difference Between Electronic Scale and Electronic Balance I

What is the Connection and Difference Between Electronic Scale and Electronic Balance I

With the wide use of electronic scale and electronic balance, users, manufacturers and metrological verification agencies follow it a little blindly. What are scales and what are balances? What are their connections and differences?

Before the electronic weighing instrument appeared, as a mechanical weighing instrument, the quality measuring instrument adopted the principle of lever balance. But there are two forms in appearance and structure: equal arm lever and unequal arm lever. People are used to call equal arm lever balance and unequal arm lever scale. After the appearance of electronic weighing instrument, they are no longer described separately internationally, but described uniformly with non automatic weighing instrument, and the unified measurement technical requirements are implemented. In addition, only from the appearance and structure, it is impossible to distinguish which is the electronic scale or electronic balance.

At present, there is still a description of electronic non automatic weighing instrument, which is divided into balance and scale, usually based on the following concepts:

(1) According to the accuracy level, the high accuracy is the balance, and the low accuracy is the scale;

(2) Electronic balance adopts the principle of weighing by balance, and electronic scale adopts the principle of weighing by resistance strain principle;

(3) More display digits, higher resolution and accuracy, more strict requirements on the application environment are defined as the balance, while less display digits, lower accuracy and wider use conditions are defined as the scale;

(4) Compared with the mechanical balance used in the past, what the balance weighs is the mass, and what the sensor measures is the weight;

(5) The one using electromagnetic force balance sensor is called electronic balance, and the one using general resistance strain type weighing sensor is called electronic scale.

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