XW18 Portable Colorimeter

XW18 Portable Colorimeter

XW18 Portable Colorimeter
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1. Connect PC software to print out data report;
2. 4mm, 8mm and biggest 40mm alternative aperture, to meet different surface measurement demands;
3. Automatic correction when starting up, no need to do calibration manually each time;
4. Cost-efficient: good performance, stable measurement, low cost.
Product description: XW18 includes 3 switchable apertures (4mm/8mm/40mm), this version is a specially designed, high performance precision colorimeter.

Introduction of XW18 Portable Colorimeter:

Hand-held colorimeter XW18 is years of painstaking development of the high-precision colorimeter, serially developed according to the measuring requirements on different products and gain many optimal achievements with cost performance.

It can be applicable in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, footwear, leather, chemicals, plastics, film, pigments, paints, inks, metal, photography, toys, food medicine and other liquid, powder and special industry for color quality control, color analysis, sample testing, production line testing, also suitable for injection molding, ink, paint, spray and other color industries. Also extensive used in researching institution and laboratory. It can precisely measure kinds of color index in color space, help to analyze color matching freely and color management, with color analysis software, it will extend more functions.

Aperture 4mm is specially design, considering small area and curvature measurements. It is suitable for measuring small device, gadget, small parts etc.

Aperture 8mm version is a general-purpose color difference meter, mostly used on flat surface materials. It provides great convenience and trustworthy reliability for its versatility, tiny table difference, and stability.

Aperture 40mm can be used for huge textured, uneven and pitting surface, also wet sample, like meat, fish...

Technical data of XW18 Portable Colorimeter



Color Space


Color Difference Formula

△E*ab △E*LCH


Φ4mm/φ8mm φ40mm (Optional)

Illumination Condition

CIE Recommendation:8/d

Light Source

D65 A F(CWF)


Photodiode array


CIE 10° Standard observer

Measurement Range

L: 0 to 100

Repeated Accuracy


Table Difference


Measurement Interval

0.5 Sec.

Storage Capacity

Type sample data : 100 groups with testing sample data: 200 groups

Lifetime of Bulb

5 years more than 1.6 million measurements

Display Screen

TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9)


English/Simplified Chinese

Interface of External

USB2.0 (USB-B) RS-232 (115200bps)

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Humidity Range

Relative humidity less than 85%,without condensation





Battery Charging Time

8 hrs


Li-ion battery, 5000 times Measurement

Standard Accessories

AC adapter/ 3000mAH Li-ion battery/User manual/Warranty card/USB data line/Color-analysis software/White board

Optional Accessories

Flour measuring device/Micro printer/liquid, powder, pulp accessory

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