UV1900 UV Spectrophotometer

UV1900 UV Spectrophotometer

UV1900 UV Spectrophotometer
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UV1900 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Violet Visible Light Double Beam


1. The real double beam metering system, with advanced circuit measurement and control system, make the instrument with high reliability and low noise.

2. Unique installation of deuterium lamps and tungsten lamps, the design and working way of automatic light switch and finding the best location, allowing users to operate the instruments and maintain or replace light source in a more convenient ,correct and safer way.

3. Excellent software design and procedure, make instruments have stronger spectral data processing function: automatically scan measured spectra, multi-wavelength (1-3λ ) determination, kinetic determination, 1-3 curve fitting, 1-4 derivative spectra, access ,display, print spectra and analyze data.

4. Powerful Windows-based software platform, user-friendly, powerful, easy to store or output, and to facilitate business, save costs.

5. The software and external appearance can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Technical parameters:



Optical System

Double Beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm

Wavelenggth range:


Spectral bandwidth:


Wavelenggth accuracy:

<= +/-0.1 nm (656.1nm D2); <= +/-0.3nm (full warelength range)

Wavelenggth repeatability:

<= 0.1 nm

Photometric accuracy:


Photometric rang:


Stray light:

<= 0.05%T


+/- 0.001A/h

Baseline flatness:

<= +/- 0.001A


<= +/- 0.0004 Abs/h

Scanning speed:

Fast, Mid, Slow

Wavelength setting method:



Silicon photovoltaic

Light source:

Imported long-life tungsten lamp and Deuterium Lamp,


320*240 LCD

Data output:

USB Export

Printer :


Analysis Software:

Standard accessories

Input power:

AC220/50Hz or AC 110/60Hz



Instrument size


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