V1000 Spectrophotometer

V1000 Spectrophotometer

V1000 Spectrophotometer
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Visible Spectrophotometer V1000 Wavelength Range 360-1020 nm 6 nm Spectral Bandwidth

Description of V1000 Spectrophotometer:

This product is an economic analysis instruments, with RS232 output. Excellent photometric precision instruments higher than the same file. Widely used in medical testing, food, petrochemical industry, environmental protection and monitoring, and other fields.

Features of V1000 Spectrophotometer:

RS232C interface is optional 100mm colorimetric stand (suitable for power plants, waterworks and sugar refiner, etc) Digital display the measuring value; Auto light door and zero setting. The instrument adopts imported tungsten lamp, ensure its service life.

Technical parameters of V1000 Spectrophotometer:



Optical system:

Czerny-turner CT grating monochromator, 1200/mm

Wavelength range:

360-1020 nm

Wavelength accuracy:

+/- 3 nm

Wavelength repeatability:


Measurement range:

0-199.0%T, 0-1.999A, 0-1999C

Photometric accuracy:

+/- 1.0%T

Photometric repeatability:


Spectral bandwidth:

6 nm

Measuring optical path:

100 mm

Stray light:

<= 1.0%T (340 nm)


<= 0.004 A/h(500 nm preheat 1 hour)

Display modes:


Basic Measurement:


Data output (print):


Light source:


Operating voltage:


Included Accessories of V1000 Spectrophotometer:

  • 1 Main Instrument
  • 1 Power Cable
  • 4 x 10mm Glass Cuvettes
  • 2 x 10mm Quartz Cuvettes
  • 1 Cell Holder
  • 1 Tungsten Lamp
  • 1 Singal Cable

Optional Accessories of V1000 Spectrophotometer:

  • 5mm-100mm Glass Cuvettes
  • Tungsten Lamp
  • 50mm-100mm Cell Holder

Overall Dimension & Weight:

  • Shipping Package Dimension: 520mm*450*320mm
  • Gross Weight: 12kg
  • Net Weight: 8kg

Applications of V1000 Spectrophotometer:

  • Education in universities and colleges
  • Environmental monitoring & control
  • Food & Beverage production and quality control
  • Agricultural monitoring
  • Geology & metallurgy
  • Gas & oil

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