MS7100C Cotton Moisture Meter

MS7100C Cotton Moisture Meter

MS7100C Cotton Moisture Meter
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Cotton Lint Moisture Meter MS7100C

The Cotton Moisture Meter is a valuable testing instrument during the cotton collection, processing and when buying or selling cotton. The newly designed MS7100C utilizes the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance to effectively measure the moisture content of cotton, seed-cotton and lint quickly and accurately.

Features of MS7100C Cotton Moisture Meter:

1)Thin probe pins, easy to insert in cotton-link for measuring.
2)High sensitivity of the sensor, quickly display the reading on the screen
3)Fast measurements, the whole procedure just 1 minute, 1 second reading
4)Small size, light weight, strong anti-interference, portable for on-site rapid testing
5)With a temperature and humidity compensation, with precision, accuracy, reliability, stability measurement.
6)Manual off at any time. Auto power off after 5 minutes from last operation.
7)Data hold function. Low battery alarm.

Specification MS7100C Cotton Moisture Meter:

1) Display: 4 digital LCD
2) Measuring range: 7%-40%
3) Measuring environment:
Temperature: 0-60°C; Humidity: 5%-90%RH
4) Resolution: 0.1
5) Accuracy: ± 0.5%
6) Responding time: 1 second
7) Operation: Electrical Resistance Method, Automatic temperature Compensation
8) Power supply: 4x1.5 AAA size battery (not included)
9) Dimensions:
Main Unit: 140×60×22mm
Handle: 72×40×20mm
Probe length: 80mm
10) Weight: 195g (not including batteries)
11) Guarantee: 1 year

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