Glass Cuvette 30mm-10.5ml

Glass Cuvette 30mm-10.5ml

Glass Cuvette 30mm-10.5ml
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Optical Glass Cuvette High Transmittance Science Experiment High Temperature Resistant Acid And Alkal 30mm 10.5ml-G 


Precision optical processing technology, the optical error of the transparent surface is less than or equal to 0.3%. The material is completely transparent and has excellent surface properties. It is made of German SCHOTT glass without bubbles or stripes.

Suitable for visible spectroscopic analysis instruments, with good chemical compatibility.

  • Capacity:10.5ml
  • Light path: 30mm
  • Process: glue/powder sintering process
  • Material: Germany imported glass
  • Translucent surface: 2
  • Applicable wavelength: 350nm-2000nm
  • Dimensions: 12.5*32.5*45mm

Material introduction:

1. Germany imported glass has high light transmittance, low impurity and good scratch resistance
2. Stable chemical properties hardly react with other substances
3. Applied to optical electronics Microwave technology Diffractive optical elements and many other fields

The main parameters:

  • Density: 2.55g/Cubic centimeter
  • Specific heat: 8795/kg.Celsius
  • Dispersion:0.00806
  • Refraction number: 1.5230
  • Abbe number: 58.3
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 9.4*10E/-6 K

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