Coating Thickness Gauge GY910

Coating Thickness Gauge GY910

Coating Thickness Gauge GY910
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Digital Coating Thickness Gauge 1 micron/0-1300 Car Paint Film Thickness Tester Meter Measuring FE/NFE Russian Manual

The principal applications lie in the field of corrosion protection.
It is ideal for manufacturers and their customers,
for offices and specialist advisers,
for paint shops and electroplaters,
for the chemical, automobile, ship building and aircraft industries
for heavy engineering.
It is suitable for laboratory, workshop and outdoor use.
It works either on the magnetic induction principle or on the eddy current principle,
depending on the type of probe used.
This gauge has internal Fe probe and NFe probe.
Fe probe can be used for non-magnetic coatings and NFe probe can be used for insulating coatings.

  • Range: 0-1300 micron
  • Resolution: 1 micron
  • Unite: um, mm, mil

Package Include

  • 1 x Coating Thickness Gauge
  • 1 x Aluminum Plate
  • 1 x Steel Plate
  • 5 x Plastic calibrate film (50um/100um/250um/500um/1000um)
  • 1 x Hand Rope
  • 1 x Russian + English Manual
  • 1 x Color Box Packaging

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