936 Barcol Impressor

936 Barcol Impressor

936 Barcol Impressor
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936 Barcol Impressor

936 Barcol Impressor is a kind of portable hardness tester, it has the simple operation by just single hand and wide measuring range, no experience to be needed. 936 is mainly used to test rubber, wood, leather, and other Super soft material.

936  Barcol Impressor Operation

Features of 936 Barcol Impressor


1. Easy to use

Single hand operation. Easy to use. High efficiency. It can make test at any place.


2. High Sensitivity

Barcol Hardness Tester has 100 scales.Sensitivity is higher than that of Webster Hardness Testers.


3. Wide Testing Range

It can test from pure aluminum to super hard aluminum alloy.


4. Indenter

The material hardness of indenter and dimensional tolerance are conform to 2013 verification regulation and enterprise internal standardStrict quality inspection one by one to make sure the accuracy of Barcol Hardness TesterLong life and good interconvertibility.


5. Screw Rod

With sophisticated screw machinery structure Ensure the life and reliability of the instruments are much higher than that of other Barcol Hardness Testers are made of plastic gears by other companies in China.


6. Hardness Blocks

Every piece of Barcol hardness block is directly imported from the United States. It can ensure the veracity, stability, and uniformity of the measurement results.


7. Die-casting Case

Strong, beautiful and good grip.


8. Conversion

The Barcol hardness value of rubber material by using 935 and 936 types can be converted to Shaw hardness value.

936 Barcol Impressor Type Comparison


Note:Multipoint test method needs to be used to calculate the average hardness value on soft material and composite material.

Package of 936 Barcol Impressor


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