Spectrophotometer Troubleshooting

Spectrophotometer Troubleshooting

1. The instrument cannot be zeroed.
the reason:
a. The light door cannot be completely closed. Solution: Repair the light door assembly so that it is completely closed.
b. The transmission rate is "100%" turned to the end. Solution: Re-adjust the "100%" knob.
c. The instrument is heavily wet. Solution: Open the photocell cassette, blow it off with a hair dryer for a while, and replace the desiccant.
d. Circuit failure. Solution: Send it to the repair department and repair the circuit.

2. The instrument cannot be adjusted to "100%".
the reason:
a. The light energy is not enough. Solution: Increase the sensitivity override gear or replace the light source (although the light is still on).
b. The cuvette holder is not seated. Solution: Adjust the cuvette holder to seat it.
c. The photoelectric conversion portion is aged. Solution: Replace the part.
d. Circuit failure. Solution: Adjust and repair the circuit.

3. During the measurement process, the “100%” point often changes.
the reason:
a. The cuvettes are placed inconsistently in the cuvette holder or have droplets on their surface. Solution: Wipe the surface of the cuvette with a lense wiping paper and place it on the left side of the cuvette with the positioning clip positioned.
b) Circuit failure (voltage, photoelectric receiving, amplifying circuit). Solution: Send for repair.

4. The digital display is not stable.
the reason:
a. The warm-up time is not enough. Solution: Extend the warm-up time to about 30 minutes (some instruments will work unstably when they are working for a long time due to aging, etc.).
b. The desiccant in the photocell fails, causing the microcurrent amplifier to get wet.
Solution: Bake the circuit and replace or bake the desiccant.
c. Excessive environmental vibration, large air velocity near the light source, and strong external light. Solution: Improve the working environment.
d. Other reasons related to photocells, circuits etc..
Solution: Send for repair.
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