Portable Precision Gloss Meter for Metal, Plastic, Paint, Ink

Portable Precision Gloss Meter for Metal, Plastic, Paint, Ink

Gloss Meter introduction

The Xzbelec Gloss Meter is a portable, precision gloss instrument for the control of gloss in different planes in a variety of industries. It is compact and easy to carry, making it ideal for fast control gloss measurement. It is suitable for 0~2000gu.

Gloss Meter Features

1) Humanized design

The metal looks beautiful. It is small in size, easy to carry, and easy to operate with one button. The ergonomic design gives you a comfortable user experience.

2) Excellent stability

The repeatability is 0.2, which is much lower than other domestic gloss meters. Accurate industrial structure design and core technology ensure the stability of instrument testing. This is the user's word of mouth evaluation. It is currently the most stable in domestic gloss meter.

3) More precise core technology

Core technology makes data more accurate. The horizontal design allows you to accurately position, eliminating the instability of manual operation and making the measurement data more precise.

4) Multiple measurement modes

It has two built-in sensors, four measurement modes and poor settings, as well as manual calibration, constant volume, etc. You can personalize it for 0~2000gu.

5) High performance lithium battery

It adopts low-power design, high-performance lithium battery, and can be tested 5000 times with full charge, which is more convenient for long-time measurement! It reduces costs.

6) PC software extension function

Powerful computer color management software provides accurate analysis of measurement data and gives you more professional reference data.It can be connected to a micro-printer for instant data printing and analysis and storage, making you more comfortable with data management.

7) Various patent designs

It has patents for automatic calibration of power on, manual calibration, and manual setting of tolerances. This is not possible in most domestic color difference meter technology, but our products have done it! Core technology patents and appearance application patents eliminate your complicated startup calibration procedures, making your color measurement easier, faster and more accurate!

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