Introduction to Flour Moisture Meter

Introduction to Flour Moisture Meter

Product introduction of flour moisture meter:

In the field of moisture detection, the contradiction between measurement accuracy and measurement speed has not been solved. Because of this situation, a kind of apparatus with a drying structure is provided for the rapid determination of moisture. Ring infrared heating source can rapid dry samples. During the drying process, the flour moisture meter continuously measures and immediately displays the moisture content lost in the sample. After the drying process is completed, the moisture content value finally determined is locked and displayed. Compared with the international oven heating method, the infrared heating method can dry the sample evenly and quickly at high temperature, and the sample surface is not easy to be damaged. Intelligent operation, ordinary samples can be completed in a few minutes. It is a new rapid detection instrument.

Flour moisture meter uses:

A flour moisture meter can be widely used in all industries that need to quickly determine moisture content, such as hanging noodles, noodles, instant noodles, flour products, gluten, flour.

Advantages of flour moisture meter:

(1)Small size, lightweight, and simple structure.
(2)No auxiliary equipment is needed.
(3)Simple operation, no need for installation and debugging training.
(4)High efficiency, fast speed, the overall operation is no more than 10 minutes.
(5)A variety of analysis methods, automatic, timing, semi-automatic meet various analysis methods.
(6) The infrared heating method can be directly heated from inside of the material, greatly reducing the drying time. And it has the advantages of uniform heating, clean, high efficiency and energy saving.
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