Energy Calculation Method of UV Power Meter

Energy Calculation Method of UV Power Meter

Many people do not understand the algorithm of uv power meter energy value. Everyone knows that energy is equal to intensity times time, but someone asked: " the power within each time point is not necessarily the same, whether the energy is accurate or not?"Let's talk about the uv power meter energy value algorithm! Energy = power times time.

If the power value changes during the measurement process, the calculation of the energy value needs to use an accumulation algorithm, which accumulates the energy value within each short enough time to get the final energy value.The shorter the accumulation time is, the more accurate the final energy accumulation value is.

The sampling speed of a certain uv power meter is 2048 times per second, which is so fast that the purpose is to make the energy accumulation more accurate. During uv curing, the power value of uv varies from time to time. Therefore, power data must be collected at high speed. The instrument collects 2048 data every second. Within each 1/2048 second, the power value does not change significantly, or can be considered basically constant. The energy value is obtained by multiplying 2048 power data per second by the cumulative sum of 1/2048 second. Because of the fast sampling speed, the accuracy of uv power meter can be better than 10%.

Rapid collection has the following advantages:

1. The calculation of energy values is more accurate. If only tens or hundreds of data collection times per second are claimed to be accurate, we need to be skeptical about it.

2. The power curve during curing can be obtained more accurately, that is, the distribution of ultraviolet intensity during curing.