Application of Optical Glass Cuvette

Application of Optical Glass Cuvette

There are two kinds of manufacturing process for optical glass cuvettes, one is bonded by adhesives, the other is melted at high temperature. Optical glass cuvettes are usually made of quartz, fused silica and optical glass. Optical glass cuvettes absorb almost all ultraviolet rays and have very high absorbance. Quartz, on the other hand, has a much smaller absorbance than a cuvette. Commonly used cuvettes are square, rectangular and cylindrical in shape, with a capacity of several milliliters. There are also micro or ultra-micro capillary dishes for a small number of samples. In addition, there are high, low and constant temperature cuvettes.

Optical glass cuvettes are used for reference liquids and sample liquids. Optical glass cuvettes are equipped with spectroscopic analysis instruments, which are used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of substances. They are widely used in chemical, metallurgical, medical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, power plants, water plants, petroleum and other industries, departments and colleges, scientific research units for testing. Optical glass cuvettes can be divided into three series according to the wavelength range used, namely visible light series (called glass colorimeter), ultraviolet visible series (called quartz colorimeter), infrared series (called infrared colorimeter).

For general non-optical professionals, it is hard to separate them with eyes. But the hardness of quartz and optical glass cuvette differs greatly. Quartz cuvette is tens of times harder than glass cuvette(absolute value). If two pairs of grinding are used, quartz cuvette will be rarely worn, while glass cuvette will wear very much.

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