March 2017 ARAB LAB Dubai Experimental Instruments Exhibition

March 2017 ARAB LAB Dubai Experimental Instruments Exhibition

Exhibition background:

Exhibition time: March 20th - 23rd, 2017

Venue: Asia - Dubai

Exhibition industry: precision instrument

This exhibition not only had the earliest preparation for Dubai's professional experimental instruments but also had the most excellent and perfect instruments. Because it is the only experimental and testing equipment exhibition in Dubai, it is well known to the industry. ARABLAB has set up a professional trade platform for laboratory technology, biotechnology, life science, high technology automation laboratory and data processing industry. It provides a great place for the decision makers of international enterprises and the suppliers of terminal buyers and trade contacts.

The overseas market has always been an important part of the strategic layout of the XZBELEC market. As a pioneer of the international market, XZBELEChas been to 2-4 exhibitions to facilitate the intuitive communication and communication with the customers every year since 2013. With good quality and service, XZBELEC has a strong reputation in the international market. At present, almost half of XZBELEC's sales come from the international market.

This time, XZBELEC brought several products such as XZB-C580 spectrophotometer, XC280 colorimeter, UV9000 laboratory dual beam spectrophotometer, UV5200 ultraviolet spectrophotometer and made them appeared in Dubai. From the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the United States, the global customers have been in a steady stream. The atmosphere at the exhibition was strong. After many users visited the XZBELEC spectrophotometer, they showed great interests!

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