The Main Contents of Measurement Performance Verification of Electronic Balance

The Main Contents of Measurement Performance Verification of Electronic Balance

The main contents of measurement performance verification of electronic balance are as follows:

In daily periodic verification and routine product quality inspection, the following items should be verified: the verification of balance sensitivity and discrimination; the verification of large allowable error (weighing linear error) of each load point of the balance; the verification of balance repeatability; the verification of balance bias or four angle error; the verification of balance function of balance.

What are the skills for the service life of digital electronic balance

1. The staff of electronic balance said: before weighing, use a soft brush to clean the electronic balance. Then check whether the balance is electronic level, and check and adjust the zero point of the balance.

2. Pay special attention to the protection of agate blade during use. The speed of the lifting and lowering hub shall be slow and the electronic balance shall not be vibrated violently. When taking and placing objects, adding and subtracting weights and moving weights, the balance beam must be lifted to avoid damaging the blade.

3. The front door of the electronic balance shall not be opened at will. It is mainly used for loading, unloading, adjustment and maintenance. During the weighing process of taking and placing objects, when adding and subtracting weights, only the left and right doors of the balance can be opened. The weighing objects and weights shall be placed in the center of the electronic balance pan to prevent the pan from swinging. Chemical reagents and samples shall not be placed directly on the plate, and it must be weighed in a clean container. For corrosive gases or hygroscopic substances, they must be weighed in weighing bottles or steel or aluminum cylinders.

4. Take and place the weight with tweezers. It is forbidden to take it by hand to avoid contamination. Put the weights on the balance plate one by one from large to small. Put the weight back into the weight box after use. When weights are added automatically to the electronic balance, it should also be slowly added from the first gear to the second gear to prevent the weights from jumping off and colliding with each other.

5. Always keep the weight clean and remove the dust that may be attached to the weight surface.
by a special soft brush. The weight can only be taken out from the box when it is used, and can only be placed on the weighing plate. When it is not used, it should be placed neatly in the corresponding holes in the weight box. The weight box shall be covered at any time to prevent dust falling.

6. The weighing data of electronic balance shall be written on the record book in time, not on paper or other places.

7. After weighing, lift up the balance and take out the object and weight. The index plate of the electronic balance shall be restored, the power supply shall be cut off, the balance door shall be closed, and the dust cover shall be covered on the back cover.

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