Function and Characteristic of Portable Gloss Meter

Function and Characteristic of Portable Gloss Meter

Function of portable gloss meter

1. It can measure the surface of different materials from plastics to metals and has a wide range of measurements.
The glossiness range is 0-200 Gu (under the measurement condition of 20 degrees).

2. The glossiness difference can be measured by displaying standard value/sample value or PASS/FAIL evaluation. The function of PASS/FAIL can also be realized by setting limit difference.

3. In the mode selection menu, basic mode and statistical mode can be selected for measurement.

4. You can choose the angle you need to display in the measurement angle interface. You can choose two or three angles to display.

5. The names of standard values and sample values can be input in the measurement results to facilitate identification.

6. Automatic diagnostic function of calibration.

Characteristics of portable gloss meter

It can reduce the fluctuation and enhance the stability of long-term measurement. When calibration is needed, the system will automatically prompt. It is easy to operate and has waterproof function. Simple operation, light automatic calibration, easy to carry, measurement data can be transmitted directly from the instrument to Excel data.

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