A Brief Summary of UV Energy Meter

A Brief Summary of UV Energy Meter

UV energy meter is a high quality instrument for counting ultraviolet energy. The unique design of the built-in handle makes it more convenient to use.

Basic introduction

UV energy meter is used to measure the UV energy of different light sources, especially on printing machines, to ensure that the printing and drying process achieves the desired quality control.

The spectrum range measured by energy meter is 250-410 nanometers, and the optimum peak spectrum output is 365 nanometers.

The amount of additional light that is emitted during the exposure cycle is included in the relative value.

Due to the irregular radiation distribution of the light source and the different structural designs of different manufacturers, different readings may appear under the same measurement conditions.

Matters needing attention

1. Avoid frequently shaking or breaking instruments by force.

2. When each measurement is completed, please close the instrument in time and put it back in the box for safekeeping.

3. When measuring, please do not look directly at the UV light source to avoid exposed skin being exposed to strong light radiation.

4. Avoid placing the LCD screen on the front of the instrument directly in high light or high heat environment when measuring.

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